the beauty place: Maximizing Facial Results – Aftercare Advice

Specific facials may require more specific advice, which our therapists will certainly advise you. However, the following general advice applies across most, if not all facials:

  • • Allow some ‘down time’ to ease back into your day. Avoid concentrating tasks, like driving. Better yet, take the rest of the day off!

  • • Allow finishing products to remain on the skin for at least several hours before cleansing. Further, avoid applying make-up and other skin care products during this time as well. Allow 48 hours to pass before any further exfoliating.

  • • As nice as your skin will feel after the facial, try to avoid touching the skin to prevent bacterial build up and/or clogging the pores.

  • • Rehydrate. Facial massage releases toxins, and rehydrating will help flush those toxins. Keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum, as alcohol adds toxins back to your body and both dehydrate.

  • • Avoid UV exposure for 24 – 48 hours as some oils may increase UV sensitivity.

  • • For long-term results, use the recommended products for home care and continue to regularly enjoy the benefits of a facial. Further, consider wearing a daily SPF.

Like most things, the more frequently you experience a facial, the greater results you will achieve. So embrace facials as part of your lifestyle, and promote a healthier you from inside and out.

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