Massage Benefits...

More than just massage...

We’ve gone further. Our massages are designed to address the specific needs that bring most people to massage. We’ve incorporated flexibility tests and stretches into our massages to further maximize and improve your condition. You’ll love the long-term benefits this improvement provides. Of course we’re here for you! We’re happy to further tailor your experience to exclude the bits you don’t like, and spend more time on the bits you do!

Wait, there’s more. We’ve also gone out of our way to specially select therapeutic essential oils, (many organic), to maximize the benefits of your massage leaving you feeling absolutely great!

  • • Reduce stress and tension.

  • • Ease your aches, pains and muscular knots.

  • • Alleviate headaches.

  • • Enhance energy, vitality and quality of life.

  • • Detoxify through increasing blood and nutrient circulation.

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