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Close your eyes and let yourself drift into relaxation as our new RedFusion Hydration SpaCapsule makes conditioning your skin, toning your muscles, and improving your general well-being a wonderful experience. Watch as years melt away as fine lines and wrinkles appear to fade from your choice of whole body anti-aging treatments. Alternatively, compliment your fitness regime with our detox, slimming and toning programs and feel your energy levels improve as clothes feel looser in just minutes. Or, just skip the fitness regime and enjoy all the same.

Our RedFusion Hydration SpaCapsule combines the latest in treatment design to maximize the available synergies. Bathe in a fine mist of essential oil infused steam as the Radiant DryHeat warms your soul. Oxygen deployed throughout the capsule helps both re-energize and restore your normal balance. The vibratory massage increases blood flow while helping soothe and tone tense, over-worked muscles. And if that weren't enough, enjoy the multi-sensory colour-light therapy, featuring Red-Light Collagen Therapy focused specifically on redistributing and repairing collagen levels within the Anti-Aging programs.

Select a course of treatments, or focus exclusively on your intended goals. Courses and programs include:

Anti-Aging Program: 3 steps/treatments over 7-10 days
#1: Activate, 20min

Stimulates and activates collagen while improving tone and texture of skin

#2: Accelerate, 30min

Rejuvenates and boosts anti-aging process while improving overall skin condition

#3: Achieve, 40min

Full body detoxification and anti-aging while replenishing moisture to your skin

Weight-Loss Program: 4 steps/treatments over 8-12 days
#4: Cleanse, 25min

Aggressive detoxification while improving tone & texture of skin

#5: Condition, 30min

Re-Energizes while stimulating weight-loss

#6: Contour, 30min

Tones, smooths, and soothes muscles while reducing appearance of cellulite

#7: Core, 30min

Raises metabolic rate while improving whole body appearance

Tan & Glow: Single pre-tan step/treatment
#8: Tan & Glow, 20min

Deep hydration and tan preparation

Single Use-Pricing:
  • 20 min / HKD198*
  • 25 min / HKD238*
  • 30 min / HKD278*
  • 40 min / HKD368*

*Alternatively, 10min / 1 point based on our Tanning / Spray-Tanning Packages. Please see General Brochure for Point Packages. (Can bring pricing below HKD70 per each 10min.)

You've worked hard enough. Don’t make your body wait for the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation it deserves. Look younger, feel younger. Everything you need is already here and waiting for you. Even better, add a facial and let our beauty therapists make you look as great as you'll feel.

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