the beauty place: Maximizing Spraytanning Results. Aftercare advice

There are many things you can do, and avoid doing, that will help you keep your spraytanning result looking good for as long as possible. Some things may be unavoidable, but try your best:

  • • Your SprayTanning solution takes around 2-8 hours to fully set. Avoid tight clothing (including shoes), warm conditions that may lead to perspiration like exercise or walking outside on a warm day, carrying anything heavy on your shoulder (like lots of shopping), etc. Only SunFX, that we’re aware of, manufactures a 2 hour solution allowing you to shower sooner.
    If you don’t take the above advice, you can expect the colour to set much less evenly as the sweat and pressure expel, dilute, and/or remove the solution prior to it’s completing it’s reaction. You may also find the colour staining your clothes and other things you come into contact with.

  • • Wear nail polish, or at least a clear polish to prevent any staining of the nails. Even a successful spray can result in finger/toe nails being discoloured 2-7 days after the spraytan.

  • • Minimize trips to the chlorinated pool, Jacuzzi, etc. The sanitizing agents used to keep the water clean act like a bleach to the spraytanning solution.

  • • Use tan extending moisturizers, like California Tan Extender or SunFX Summer Secret which contain small amounts of bronzing ingredients. These products are like mini-self tanning treatments every day, helping you keep a more consistently tanned look. Because of the very low DHA content, any staining is very low, and usually not noticeable except under extreme circumstance. (Doing hot yoga class with white lycra will probably show some staining, at least on the inside of your outfit.)

  • • Use gentle shower gels, like SunFX Body Wash

  • • You can further accent your spraytan with a bronzing powder like California Tan Bronzing Powder Minimize use of exfoliating scrubs and loofahs as these items will literally scrub away the layers containing your spraytan. These can be used as a final measure to remove the spraytan.

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