the beauty place: Spraytanning Benefits

Most people want a spraytan for the simple reason that they want to appear tanned. The choice to look tanned is a matter of personal preference, however many people believe tanned skin appears more toned, making them look fitter and slimmer, as well as healthier.

  • • Fairer-skinned individuals may find that UV exposure only results in redness and sunburn with little to no tanning benefit. Spraytanning offers a quick solution to getting the golden colour they cannot otherwise achieve.

  • • More and more individuals are becoming concerned with the health risks associated with excessive UV exposure. Any individuals with excessive scarring, a family history of cancer, or worse, specifically skin cancer, should really minimize UV exposure and consider sunless or spraytanning alternatives if they desire the sun-kissed look.

  • • Some people just have no patience, time, or both. Someone without a tan is recommended to tan gradually, over a number of days. Anyone can get a spraytan and go from pale to being a bronzed Goddess within hours, or even minutes.

  • • Lastly, some manufacturers even provide the ‘One-nite stand Tan’. Yes, this does mean; tan on, tan off. It will last only until you have a shower. Great for those curious to see how they might look, but too nervous to fully commit.

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